Midlands Car Giveaways Ltd

Free Postal Entry Route


11.  If you wish to enter the competition for free then please send an unenclosed postcard stating the competition you wish to enter, providing your full name, date of birth, email address, postal address and a contact number. The unenclosed postcard must contain the correct answer to the question for the competition, and the answer and personal information must be clearly written. The address is: 

Midlands Car Giveaways Ltd, 28 Cincinatti Drive, Birmingham, B24 0SB . All free entries must be received before the close of the competition. One entry per letter. All free postal entries are processed exactly the same as paid entries via the website.

11.2  All postal entry details needs to be either typed or very clearly written, we cannot enter you into the competitions if we cannot read your writing on your entry. If we receive 1 letter in the post containing multiple entries this will not comply with the above terms and conditions.

11.3  When the maximum Number of Entries or the Closing Date is reached, the Competition will close.

11.4  All postal entries must be sent as an unenclosed postcard. If your entry is not clear and fully readable we will be unable to enter all of your details into our system.

11.5  if successful. the entrant will receive a confirmation prior to the Live draw.Only 1 postal entry will be randomly selected for each competition draw.